LAM Speech Therapy & Audiology

Dually qualified speech therapist and audiologist

Speech & Audio Awareness

Cognitive Specialist

Established in January 2022. Lethabo Agnes Maleka Speech Therapy and Audiology (LAM), is a private practice that specialises in providing hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, hearing screenings, ototoxicity monitoring, speech and language assessment and intervention, as well as swallowing assessment in intervention. The practice is founded and owned by Lethabo Agnes Maleka and is 100% Black owned with 100% female shareholding

Lethabo Agnes Maleka

Service Introduction

Adult & Paediatric Audiologist

Hearing Assessment

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Screening


To establish a practice capable of catering for all client needs and a place of choice for all our valued clients.


To provide quality, effective and efficient speech therapy and audiology services tailored for each individuals communication and listening needs.